We offer a broad range of timber piling, dimensional, and timbers. This material can be used as support piling for docks/marinas, bulkheads, and piers, turning dolphins, timber cribbing and many other marine related applications.  Southern Yellow Pine pressure treated lumber and timbers in various treatments for use in brackish and saltwater applications ranging from .60CCA to 2.5CCA in many different sizes, widths and lengths in several grades rough and dressed.  


Dimensional Lumber

Marine Construction supply specializes in domestic and international sourcing of timber products including dimensional lumber. Contact us for wood species, sizes and quantities.

Here is a sample of the selection of lumber we supply:

  • Treated Timber Piles

    • CCA, CA, ACQ, MCA

  • Encased / Protected Marine Lumber

Piling & Treated Timber Piles

Driving or installing piling along coasts and waterways stabilizes land and structures, protecting against erosion.  With decades of experience in the marine industry, Marine Construction Supply specializes in piling of all kinds. 

  • Foundation

  • Marine Grade (CCA, CA, ACQ, MCA)

  • Non-Polluting / Greenheart


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Foundation Piling

On the eastern seaboard and gulf coast, most building codes require structures to be built on foundation piling.