Providing material sourcing, contract negotiation, delivery and logistics for every product you need on a job. 


Marine Construction Supply is a distribution organization which specializes in the marine industry. But if you call and talk to one of us, we are more likely to say we provide a small group of clients exactly what they need for every project at the best market price. With one call, to one supplier, all your material needs are taken care of.

MCS works with a select group of contractors, municipalities and government agencies, negotiating every order and handling the logistics of multiple material deliveries. The difference between MCS and a traditional distributor model is that while traditional distributors work with lots of customers, pushing them into the few supplies in stock in their yard, MCS works with only a few clients yet sources almost any marine material on the planet. The result is improved customer service, product selection and hassle-free logistics. 


Large projects often call for hardware, fasteners, lumber, foundation support, piling, sheet pile, docks, decking and more. Your local lumber yard may carry a few items, but several other vendors still need to be called. The first call is for availability, then you wait for a quote, place an order, follow up about time of deliver and organize logistics.

MCS radically changes the material sourcing game by being a single provider of all materials. By leveraging our decades-long relationships within the marine industry, we provide our group of premier contractors and project managers with hassle-free, one-stop materials for any marine project. 

Change the way you bid projects by working with MCS. If every vendor you currently contact requires three calls for every order you place, how much time and effort would your business save by using MCS as a supplier? MCS chooses to work with a select number of clients in order to provide the best customer service and logistics support for every order. See how Marine Construction Supply can make a difference in your business and your bottom line by contacting us today.